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A voyage by sea is the richest way to travel


A voyage by sea is the richest way to travel

Having chosen their destination, travellers then have the choice of how to get there. By opting to travel by sea they can enter the holiday mood as soon as they set sail. Brittany Ferries’ network of maritime routes links a rich tapestry of attractive tourist destinations, from Brittany and Normandy in Western France, to the south of England, to Ireland and Northern Spain.

Ferry passengers travel seamlessly in their own car, van, campervan, or motorbike. Unlike flying, sea travel affords the luxury of space, and freedom from long airport security queues, strict baggage limits, and the hassle and expense of car hire and parking. Instead the experience is relaxed, easy, rich and unique, setting the scene for the holiday ahead.

Stepping aboard a Brittany Ferries ship is all about savouring the delights of travel by sea. By day, passengers enjoy fresh sea air on the promenade decks, cosy lounges, bars and entertainment, restaurants and duty-free shopping. Children are never bored thanks to dedicated play areas and entertainment programmes. And by night, en-suite cabins offer private space for rest and relaxation. 
Pets are welcome too. Many ships offer kennels, or pet-friendly cabins allowing animals to travel together with their owners. And all the while, the ship is sailing towards its destination. 

Brittany Ferries isn’t just a ferry company, it’s a holiday company too with a wide range of holiday products and sail-and-stay packages. The company’s overarching mission is to reveal more of the fabulous destinations it serves. It’s a mission that’s evident at every turn, from the onboard art collections and tourist exhibitions, to the inventive French and Spanish gastronomy.