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The EXPERIENCE Project has now ended but its impact will carry on through this Resources Hub, where you can discover the most important findings, insights, and outcomes from the partners in the six project regions. These resources are designed to assist you in developing sustainable, experiential tourism within your organisation or region.

Your input is invaluable in shaping the continued legacy of the EXPERIENCE Project and so we welcome any feedback on these resources or to hear about how you used them in your area/organisation. You can contact us at

Best Practice Guide

The Best Practice Guide shares our new tourism strategy alongside learning and outcomes from the EXPERIENCE project.

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Regional Evaluation Reports

Discover the economic, environmental and social evaluation reports from the project regions

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Regional Marketing Reports

Find out about the B2B, B2C and Digital Lab testing and the Targeted Campaigns developed through the project

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Explore our resources hub and learn how to capitalise on the experiential tourism trend to attract additional customers all year round in a sustainable way for your business. You’ll find plenty of resources to support you to extend your activity during the off-season and make your business more sustainable. 

We have detailed manuals with inspirational real life case studies as well as simple top tips to support you to create and promote your “experience” right now!! We also offer practical toolkits that drill down into specific subjects (for example: ‘How to develop a countryside experience’ or ‘Reaching your target market and distributing your product’) and great videos (‘What is experiential tourism?’; ‘What are the key markets to target?’; ‘How can you increase demand?’ and ‘How to improve customer satisfaction’).

What is experiential tourism?

Products are so yesterday, and customers want to engage with your offering with all their senses.

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Different seasons different markets

You will need to adapt your offer to different types of customer to balance changes in demand.

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What is special about your offer in the low season?

We often take for granted what’s on our doorsteps, so look at your resources with fresh eyes and see how you can turn them into something special.

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Creating innovative experiences

You will need to create experiences that are great, even when it’s cold, wet, and dark early. Co-create experiences with nearby partners and use events to drive demand.

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Marketing and storytelling

New experiences require a lot of marketing effort, but if they are truly innovative and you’ve communicated them well, consumers will share the messages for you.

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Benefits of experiential tourism

Visualising the results that you want to achieve will help you have the determination you need to make changes.

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