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Creating innovative experiences


Now that you are familiar with the low season resources available to you, use them to design experiences that have meaning and value to your customers. Resources give you opportunities but, in themselves, they are insufficient particularly in low season when you may not have the latent demand. 

It’s time to use those resources and to get creative in how you package them as an experience that consumers can recognise and purchase. 37% of domestic visitors choose a destination because of the experiences it offers (VisitEngland, 2019).

You will need to create experiences that are great, even when it’s cold, wet and dark. Co-create experiences with nearby partners and use events to drive demand. 



This is where you can find presentations, manuals, studies and so much more to help you understand experiential tourism.

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Case studies

Here you can find case studies and good examples of how businesses are benefiting from experiential tourism

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Video resources

Use our video resources - workshop recordings, bite-size video training, interviews - to learn more about experiential tourism and how to develop experiences.

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