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Different seasons, different markets


High and low season customers are different. They seek leisure and travel experiences for different purposes; they seek different benefits, search suppliers differently and will be satisfied with different types and levels of service. So why do we often treat them the same?  

The time you invest in learning about different markets will be directly proportional to your ability to reduce your seasonality and your understanding of how to be more inclusive of different groups that may have been inadvertently side lined. 

Use the new knowledge you gain to adapt your offer to different types of customer and to balance changes in demand. 



This is where you can find presentations, manuals, studies and so much more to help you understand experiential tourism.

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Case studies

Here you can find case studies and good examples of how businesses are benefiting from experiential tourism

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Video resources

Use our video resources - workshop recordings, bite-size video training, interviews - to learn more about experiential tourism and how to develop experiences.

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