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Marketing and storytelling


Customers want to enjoy vacations during the winter season but they don’t know about your new experiences. Getting known in the market requires a lot of marketing effort and you may need new skills and partnerships. 

Learn how to story tell and how to use social media, and consumers themselves will share the message for you. 

The good news is, truly innovative experiences that are communicated well are likely to go viral. There are few competing experiences in low season, which means you have a better chance to stand out and be seen. Journalists and social media influencers seek novelty and you are likely to get public media coverage opportunities in the winter that would not be available in the crowded summer market. 

All the marketing skills you experiment with this winter will be second nature to you for your next high-season, when you will be too busy to learn new tricks.



This is where you can find presentations, manuals, studies and so much more to help you understand experiential tourism.

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Case studies

Here you can find case studies and good examples of how businesses are benefiting from experiential tourism

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Video resources

Use our video resources - workshop recordings, bite-size video training, interviews - to learn more about experiential tourism and how to develop experiences.

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