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Celebration of the forest of Compiègne!


Compiègne would not be Compiègne without its magnificent forest, the third biggest in France in terms of surface area, and there is no better season to explore it than autumn!

As part of the EXPERIENCE project, the Compiègne forest region was brought to life for tourists and residents during a weekend in autumn. 

The event took place on three separate sites, each with a flagship theme: the Grand Parc equestrian stadium with activities based on horse riding; the Saint-Pierre lakes, offering pursuits related to forest biodiversity; and the priory of Saint-Pierre en Chastres offering a relaxation programme and classical music. 

Everything was scheduled to take place in the forest, and participants were able to enjoy forest sports (mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, Nordic walking); relax (participate in the musical forest bath, sound walks); try out manual activities (wood carving, cooking with edible forest plants, and so on); be amazed and delighted by the History of Compiègne (Prince of the Forest equestrian show, and much more). 

The event attracted around 1500 visitors, about 30 partners from entertainment and crafts professions, as well as from sports and environmental associations, public institutions, and many others. 

This October event is set to take place every two years and ARC will ensure that the forest of Compiègne becomes the place to visit during autumn.