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Bure Valley Path infrastructure upgrade

Norfolk County Council are working in partnership with Broadland District Council to deliver a series of infrastructure improvements along the 9-mile walking and cycling route throughout Autumn and Winter 2021-2022. Please check this page for regular updates on the works.


27th July 2022

The resurfacing work along the Bure Valley Path is now complete and the whole length of the park is open for cycling and walking.

We have some additional items to install along the path, such as finger posts and benches, but these will not require the path to be closed.

Five circular walking routes off the main linear path will also be waymarked in the upcoming months. 

We thank the public and the parishes along the route for their patience while this work has been carried out.


1st July 2022

The resurfacing works along the Bure Valley Path are coming to an end in Hoveton and the whole of the path will be open soon.

Between 4 – 15 July there is one remaining short closure at Buxton across the railway track at the station, where two new heritage gates will be installed. We do, however, expect work to be completed much sooner than the planned 11-day closure and will open up the crossing as soon as possible. There will be a diversion along Stracey Road, Aylsham Road, Mill Street and then back up the Bure Valley Path. 

There will be an arch sculpture installed soon at the station. Two new picnic benches (and short walkways to these) are also soon to be added to the far end of the car park area. 


31st May 2022

Resurfacing work at Aylsham is coming to an end and the section between Bure Valley Railway Wroxham Station and Belaugh Lane will be the final section of the path to be resurfaced. Work has been scheduled to start from 8 June 2022 for up to 4 weeks, weather permitting. 

We aim to minimise disruption on the route and will close for the minimum amount of time needed to undertake work. Work at Wroxham will include:
Widening, levelling and resurfacing the path with a breedon gravel surface.
Installing a new gateway feature at the start of the route.
Installing a new Wroxham railway station sign

The Bure Valley Path will be closed from the start of the route at the Bure Valley Railway Wroxham Station car park up to the Belaugh Lane stair-set over Belaugh Footpath1 (FP1).
A temporary diversion route is available along Belaugh Footpath 1 and permissive paths adjacent to Belaugh Road to the Bure Valley railway station. Please take care where the footpath exits onto a busy road.

13th May 2022

Resurfacing works have moved on to Aylsham.  The path will be closed to the public for the duration of the works, from the start of the path at Aylsham Bure Valley Railway station up to Bure Valley Path stair-set at Valley Lane (southeast of the A140 crossing).

There is no suitable, safe diversion available while this section is closed. Work should be completed here by 10 June 2022. The remainder of the path – from Valley Lane to Wroxham – is open. When the Aylsham section is finished, the last section of the resurfacing work will be Wroxham. 


6th April 2022

The resurfacing works have now completed at the Buxton section and the footpath closures there have been re-opened. 

The contractors have moved to section 3 – Spratt’s Green, off Burgh Rd. 

Please also be advised the Coltishall station has now also been re-opened for access on and off the Bure Valley Path following the completion of the barrier fencing on the platform area.

Please see attached notices for detail of the forthcoming planned works along with notification of the next section at Belaugh Lane (Section 4) where a road closure will be implemented. 
Remaining thereafter will be resurfacing sections at both Aylsham and Wroxham. Once all the resurfacing works are complete the contractors will be installing a number of new placemaking features along the whole route to finish the project. 


18th March 2022

Work continues presently at the Buxton section. The resurfacing here is now scheduled to complete by Friday 25th March. The Buxton section will then need to remain closed for a further week until Friday 1st April to allow the Breedon surface finish to set - to ensure integrity and longevity of the materials. To facilitate this - the FP5 TTRO order has been extended for closure until 01/04/2022.

The footpath at Coltishall is now open for passage through. However, the platform area of Coltishall remains closed at present as it awaits new fencing to provide some security from the elevated area. The supply of this fencing has been delayed and it is a priority for the project that it is installed as soon as available so that the station area can be safely opened. Further updates will be provided here as soon as available. 

In both cases, for Coltishall and Buxton - the contractors will return periodically to install further new finishing features when they are available, however full closures will not be required at these times. 


22nd February 2022

Work at Coltishall Station is due to finish Friday 25 February. The path will be closed for a further week to allow the new surface to settle.

The next section for resurfacing will be Buxton, starting 28 February for 3 weeks, weather permitting. The path will be closed between Oxnead Lane and Mill Street, as well as a short section of Footpath 5 opposite the Buxton Station, where the chicane will also be removed. 

As well as the resurfacing work, new picnic benches and cycle racks will be installed near the station and a new archway feature will be added. We aim to minimise disruption on the route and will close routes for the minimum amount of time needed to undertake work. 


20th January 2022

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme timeline has needed to be extended at Coltishall. The new completion date is expected to be the 21st February 2022, weather permitting. We aim to complete this section as soon as possible and the County Council thanks people for their patience while this work is carried out.


15th December 2021

Resurfacing work started on the Coltishall section of the Bure Valley Path as of the 13 December 2021. Works are estimated to last for approximately five weeks, accounting for the Christmas period and weather permitting.  The station car park at Coltishall will be closed for the duration of the works. The path will be closed whilst works are ongoing and due to a lack of suitable, safe alternatives, unfortunately no diversion route can be put in place. However the path itself will be temporarily re-opened during the Christmas period. As the works progress and programme dates become more certain we will update this site with more information. 

The next location for the resurfacing works will also be notified here, more widely and along the path as soon as possible.