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Benefits of experiential tourism - Library

This is where you can find presentations, manuals, studies and so much more to help you understand experiential tourism.

Our partner, University of Surrey has created a very useful manual explaining how to create, develop, market and distribute experiences. Here you can download the sixth chapter 'Benefits of experiential tourism'


Recovery, resilience and experiential tourism

Are recovery and resilience A Disruptive Opportunity for Extraordinary Change in tourism? How can experiential tourism benefit from this?

Click here to download the study

Accessibility Inclusivity Indicators

Does your experience/business meet the accessibility and inclusivity criteria to welcome visitors with special requirements?

Download this tool to assess your offer.

Norfolk Ethnic Minority Tourism Report

Gain insights on the travel motivations and preferences of domestic diverse ethnic groups and their low levels of participation in the tourism market.

Click here to download the study

Greening your business

How environmentally sustainable your business is? Do you know the benefits for greening your business? Are you confident in marketing your sustainable offer?

Find out more by downloading this presentation

A Warm Welcome to Everyone

Learn how to develop a truly accessible and inclusive tourism offer and how to address the requirements of this market.

Download the presentation

Attracting Walkers and Cyclists to Your Experience

Interested to learn about the benefits walkers and cyclists can bring to your business? Want to find out how to promote your experience to this market?

Find out more by downloading the presentation

Welcoming Walkers and Cyclists

Following a collaboration between Kent County Council and Cycling UK, this study shows why cycling is so important in Kent.

Click here to download the document

Cycle Friendly Places Accreditation Criteria for Accommodation Businesses

Discover how this scheme equips tourism businesses with knowledge and skills about cyclists to broaden their market.

Read more about this opportunity

Cycle Friendly Places Accreditation Criteria for Hospitality Businesses

Find here the list of criteria and guidance for hospitality businesses on how to achieve the Cycle Friendly Places accreditation

Click here to find out more

Simple bike maintenance guides

Cycling Uk has put together a guide on how to check a bicycle before setting off and how to keep it maintained for optimum performance

Click here to read more

Cycle Friendly Places Information Pack

Cycling UK’s Cycle Friendly Places programme makes it easier than ever for small and medium businesses to become Cycle Friendly and to welcome cyclists

Learn more about the benefits of accreditation

Trailside repairs

Nothing beats the freedom of cycling, but there is always one question on cyclists’ horizons – what happens if something goes wrong?

Read here the advice from Cycling UK

How and why to attract cyclists

Discover how and why joining the Cycling Friendly Places accreditation can help promote your business and increase revenues.

Find out more about this scheme

Bike Maintenance Advanced Guide

Following on from the 'Simple bike maintenance guide' developed by Cycling UK, here you can find more technical advanced advice

Learn more about bike maintenance

Accessibility Design Best Practice

This document provides initial guidance and resources relating to accessible design from the Access Cornwall team.

Click here to see the document

Simple Ways to Make Your Business Accessible

This guide will give simple, inexpensive tips on measures you can introduce quickly to become a more accessible business.

Find out more here

Sustainable Events - An Introduction

“80% of waste is created at the design phase” (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Learn how to embed sustainability from the beginning

Sustainability and Digital

Digital technology contributes to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, double that of aviation (Lancaster University)

Find out about the hidden online carbon footprints

Economic benefits of Rebellion Way

Find out about the economic benefits that this 232 mile long cycle trail can bring to Norfolk businesses.

Click to download the document

What to take on a day ride

Make sure you're covered for all eventualities when going out for a day bike ride

Click here to read the guide

Cycle Friendly Places Kent Launch

See this presentation from the launch of the Cycling Friendly Places scheme in Kent

Find out more about the scheme

How to transport your bike on train or car

In order to experience new places further afield from home you may need to transport your cycle by train or car

Find out more transport advices

Recommendations for inclusive tourism

Communicating and marketing tailored tourism offer for people with disabilities

Click here to read the study

Sustainable tourism Morlaix Workshop 1

This is the introductory workshop, in a series of four, dedicated to sustainable tourism and delivered in Baie de Morlaix

Find out more about these workshops

Sustainable tourism Morlaix Workshop 2

The second workshop deals with corporate social responsibility and the sustainable approach

Click to download the presentation

Sustainable tourism Morlaix Workshop 3

The third in the workshop series focuses on drawing up a customised plan for sustainability

Read more about the approach

Sustainable tourism Morlaix Workshop 4

The final workshop delivered in Morlaix showed how, why and to whom to communicate sustainable commitments

Find out more about this workshop

Guide to child trailers

Bike trailers for cycling with children can be one of the most useful cycling accessories available.

Read about the benefits of bike trailers for kids

Guide to tandems

A tandem lets two riders of different abilities cycle together without anyone getting left behind

Find out more about using tandems

Keep cycling through the winter

You can ride in almost all conditions - this comprehensive guide will see you riding throughout winter into spring.

Click here to download the guide

Responsible tourism self-diagnosis

This is a self-diagnosis form for providers of responsible tourism

Click here to download the form

Sustainable development goals

Discover the 17 sustainable goals developed by Colibri Tourisme for Baie de Morlaix

See here the document

Consumption table

This is a self-diagnosis template for monitoring your utilities consumption and your waste

Click here to see the table

Actions Sustainable Development Goals

Use this form to learn the actions necessary to reach your Sustainable Development Goals

Click here to download the form

Transitional action plan

This is a self-guiding table for reaching your sustainable development goals

Click here to download the form

A Guide to Sustainable Indoor Events

This document will provide a framework to help you discover sustainable solutions and make running green events both accessible and achievable.

Download here the document

A Guide to Sustainable Outdoor Events

This checklist has practical steps as well as tips for behaviour change and communicationcan to be applied to outdoor events.

Press here to download the list

How To Run A Sustainable Event

What are the impact and issues for your events?

Read here the study

Make your business more accessible

BREAKING BARRIERS Simple ways to be more accessible to customers

Click here to read the presentation

Sustainable Tourism Webinar

Learn how to shift perceptions, offer new autumn/winter experiences and how to drive visitor numbers in low season

Find out more about the webinar

Tap Into Cycling Tourism Cornwall

Find out about cycling tourism in Cornwall and what opportunities presents for businesses

Click here to see the presentation

The Sustainable and Creative Destination

Learn how a destination can be creative but also sustainable in the same time

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Adjusting to the expectation of bicycle enthusiasts

This is a study on how important bicycle tourism is and how businesses can capitalise on it

Find out more about the study

Car-free weekends

Car-free weekends for clients living in urban areas - A Comprehensive approach

Click here to read the presentation

Welcoming Walkers and Cyclists to Your Business

Experience the Kent Downs and the North Down Way via sustainable tourism

Click to open the presentation

Encourage cycling on holiday

This presentation on the benefits of cycling tourism follows a collaboration between Cycling UK and University of Surrey

Find out more about cycling tourism

Report on the benefits of cycling tourism

Find out how can holiday cycling generate positive spillover effects at home

Discover more about cycling tourism

Accessible experiences increase customer reach

Find out why accessibility is important and how it can help you reach more customers

Read the study here