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Marketing and storytelling - Library

This is where you can find presentations, manuals, studies and so much more to help you understand experiential tourism.

Our partner, University of Surrey has created a very useful manual explaining how to create, develop, market and distribute experiences. Here you can download the fifth chapter 'Time for marketing and storytelling'


Storytelling and captivating the audience

Learn the power of storytelling for experiential tourism, how to develop and deliver a story for your activities and business.

Click here to download the workshop presentation

Social Media Marketing - Part 1

The training is focusing on Instagram as one of the main Social Media marketing channels and how to create your social media toolkit.

Click here to download the training

Social Media Marketing - Part 2

The second part of the Social Media training deals with Facebook groups and how to make an Instagram reel.

Click here to download the training

Email marketing

From our partner Cornwall County Council, this training analyses the benefits your business can get from using the Email as a marketing tool.

Click here to download the training

How to promote your experience

Find more about marketing strategy, how to add your business to Google and the latest market insights.

Click here to download the presentation

Marketing and promotion toolkit

A very useful marketing tool, it includes information on branding, strategy, social media or Google maps and search.

Click here to download the toolkit.

Local distinctiveness and storytelling

Local distinctiveness is simply the story of our everyday surroundings and Stories are the currency of ordinary history – our history.

Download the training developed by Kent Downs AONB

Cycle Friendly Places Communication Kit

Cycling UK has developed a toolkit with practical tips on how businesses can communicate their cycle friendliness online.

Find out more details

How to create good content

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content

Read this workbook

How to communicate sustainability

Integrate sustainability into your event narrative, normalise the action, relate it to and focus on people.

See here the sustainability Action Plan

Social Media Workbook

Use this activity workbook and get thinking about your social media strategy. Who is your audience? What is your USP? Who are your competitors?

Click here to download the workbook

Guide on Coproducing Messages with DMOs

This is a guide to the training on how businesses should co-produce messages with the local DMOs

Click to read the guide

Coproducing Messages with DMOs

It is very important for a business to understand the Destination's Brand Strategy and to align its products with this brand

Click here to read the presentation

Guide on How to Market an Experience Effectively

This is a guide to the training on how businesses can market their experiences effectively

Read here the guide

How to market an experience effectively

Developed by Visit Kent, this training presents the five key stages necessary for an effective marketing of your experience

Download here the presentation

Guide on Upsell and Increase Return Visits

This is a guide to the training on how businesses can upsell and increase return visits

See here the guide

Upsell and Increase Return Visits

Take control of your business’ success by reinforcing brand loyalty, creating reasons to return and intelligently increasing visitor spend.

Click here for the training

Introduction to Social Media

Social media is a key part of the sales funnel and marketing mix

Download here the training

Social Media Product Calendar

Use this calendar template and suggestions to turn any day into a Social Media marketing opportunity

Click to see the calendar

Social Media Service Calendar

Plan posts, manage campaigns, review ongoing strategies and overview your upcoming social media posts, organized by date.

Download here the calendar

How to make videos

From creation to production, learn how to promote your business using videos

Click here to see the tutorial


Capturing the consumer's attention through storytelling... but how?

Learn more about storytelling

Know and use Social networks

Overview of the main social networks, know your audience and how to use picture marketing

Read here the study

Promote with photography

Pictures convey messages and translate emotions but for this they must have meaning, humanity, and references.

Read here the tutorial

Web visibility

Web visibility allows companies to distribute the right content to the right targets for an optimal result.

Learn how to evaluate your visibility

Writing for the web

It is important to understand that on average, only 20% of the text on a web page will be read by users

Download here the study

Are you pricing your experience too cheaply

Discover where visitor revenue is coming from and easy methods to increase it

Find out more about visitor revenue

Getting your experience in front of customers

Learn what tourism distributors are and why are they helpful for your business

Click to read the presentation

How to upscale your experience

Higher growth of Sales Revenue than of your operational cost base means you are generating more profit

Learn how to increase your profitability

Making your experience easy to book

The Booking Experience is the customer purchasing journey, from discovery to physical entry at your experience

Discover more about the Booking Experience