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Use our video resources - workshop recordings, bite-size video training, interviews - to learn more about experiential tourism and how to develop experiences.




For videos in French, you can select English subtitling. Press on Settings (at the bottom of the video) > Subtitles/CC > French (auto-generated) > Subtitles/CC > Auto-translate > Choose English

Marketing and storytelling

Storytelling and captivating the audience

What is storytelling

Stages of storytelling

Sustainability marketing - reduce your impacts

Sustainability marketing - Increase demand

Sustainability marketing - Improve satisfaction

Sustainability marketing - Increase your customer expenditure

Sustainability marketing - Increase loyalty

How to promote your experience

Get your sustainability message right

Tourism Market Segmentation for Low-Season

Marketing your Tourism Business using Social Media

Introduction to Domestic and Inbound Tourism

Local Distinctiveness and Storytelling

Know how to tell your experience

How to Use Email Marketing

How To Create Your Accessibility Statement

Scheduling with Meta Business Suite

An Introduction to Social Media - Playlist